1 Jan 2009

Happy New Year

I hope you are all feeling better than poor Z today. Silly thing sat up with his best friend drinking until 5:30am this morning. Mean wife that I am, I dragged him out of bed to give C and E their bottles at 8am, although I did let him off giving them their cereal. Poor man was green by the end of the bottles and I don't think he would have survived the morning solids, he barely managed the midday solids. Let us just say he did not enjoy the 2 hour drive back to our home from Muenster.

As you may have guessed some of us had a very festive New Year. The girls faded at 6pm as usual and I was also in bed well before midnight (Ciara has had a couple of bad nights in a row which leaves me wrecked), however Z and our friends more than made up for us faders.

We've had a great start to the New Year with Enya standing up straight, without any support or pulling up on anything, twice today. She can only hold her balance for a few seconds but she is trying really hard. Ciara has set a new record of 22 steps in a row without falling down as well (Z was counting!).

Ciara also mastered the stairs while we were at our friends, she even did more than half the stairs unsupervised while I was bringing Enya back to bed after breakfast. The stairs had no gate on them and I was alone. I thought she was distracted in the kitchen but when I came back to fetch her she met me halfway up the stairs - that got my heart rate going. After that every time she saw the stairs she headed straight for them. Thank goodness we don't have any stairs at home!!

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iamza said...

Hahaha, you should buy one of those box-step thingies, and get Ciara going on those step exercises Janice used to make us do. You'll have the fittest toddler on the block (pun so totally intended!) in no time flat! :-)

Oh, talking of boxes -- that box I was supposed to have posted ages ago? Tomorrow!