26 Jan 2009

Not so happy 200th post

Well a double century in posts has been reached and soon I reach my first year blogging anniversary, who would have thought.

The not so good news is right now the girls are sick again. Saturday night was very disturbed with Ciara waking every few hours and being very hard to comfort. On Sunday Z noticed she was not her usual self while they were having their normal tumble hour on the couch (insert: Ciara can now get up on the couch by herself, oh joy!). With a temperature check the reason became crystal clear, she had a temperature of 40.1 C, that is a first!

Thankfully the temperature responded to paraceta.mol, although it is not yet normal it is now a low grade fever. Unfortunately though she is incredibly clingy, she just wants to be carried and petted and she is not eating! Can you believe I wrote that CIARA is not eating! Last night she even refused a Fruchtzwerg (yogurt) and went to bed with no dinner. Today this trend has continued and if it doesn't get better tomorrow, we are heading to the paediatrician.

Scary part is Enya also has a temperature this evening....tomorrow should be fun!


Cathy said...

Oh no!

I hope everyone starts to feel better and FAST!

iamza said...

Aw, poor babes! Hope they both start feeling better soon.

P.S. Calender is awesome! Thank you so much!!