8 Mar 2009


It appears that having a cold and being in the car does not agree with Enya. We went to Ikea yesterday to get the table and chairs for the midgets and all I can say is thank goodness we had a towel in the car. At one stage I thought Enya was choking on her vomit. Needless to say we made an emergency stop with me scrambling out of the still moving car to get around to her side of the car to help her. For the journey home I was squished in the backseat between the car seats and thank goodness I was there as the last 5 minutes were a rerun of the journey there.

I can only assume it was something to do with the car motion though, because as soon as we got home she gobbled down a bottle of milk and devoured her dinner with gusto and without any regurgitation. She continues to cough and her nose is streaming but at least the temperature is normal again.

She is however in good form and managed to give us a heart attack yesterday as she finally managed to stand up in her high chair, even though both Z and I were in the kitchen supervising them after dinner. I have now installed a harness system on to her highchair to restore my peace of mind.

Ciara remains healthy with just a slightly snotty nose. Her latest trick is to unpack all our cupboards and shelves, with my bookshelves being a particular favourite. She also has her first 3 molars, again she got 3 teeth at once. Ciara now has 14 teeth where poor little Enya only has 6.

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