24 Mar 2009

Snow again!

Come on it's nearly the end of March and we've had the meteorlogical (sp?) start of spring, where's my sunshine??? I can't believe how I never appreciated the good weather as a kid growing up in South Africa, by the end of a European winter I just want to up sticks and move back. Unfortunately Z was horrified by our visit to SA 3 years ago, I can't tell you how many photos of barbed electric fencing and 7 foot walls we've got, he won't even consider it.

Today, in between snow showers, we went to physio for our second appointment. I had the harnesses on the girls as I really didn't feel like trying to unpack/pack the buggy in the snow an I got a parking spot next to the physio building. Enya freaked out again when I put her down on the pavement with her harness on so I landed up carrying her inside. Ciara did really well on the harness (even if we had to take about 3 runs before we got across the road), now I just need to get her to hold my hand as well and we're set. I've heard some people object to harnesses on children but at this age I can't unpack my twins from the car alone unless I have some method of preventing them running off (across the road/parking lot and getting run over!!). even with the harness it's not exactly easy- I've resorted to threading my leg through the harness while I fasten/unfasten the other child from her car seat.

Physio was quieter today, Enya was easier to soothe between techniques and actually quietened down when I was doing the positions with her. Lately we've taken to playing/singing lullabys while we're changing nappies (it's the only way we can keep her still, she loves music!) and today she calmed down and listened when I sang to her during treatment (before you think I'm a mean idiot we've tried it in the past and it didn't work before). She still fights like a demon to get out of the positions but at least she hasn't been crying so pathetically this week. I would have been very satisfied with it all, if there hadn't been a slight incident at the end of the session involving another physio. We don't have an appointment next week but I will be tackling her at our next appointment as as always they didn't say anything was wrong directly but implied it indirectly instead!

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Cathy said...

Spring really needs to come!

I agree with you on the harnesses - yeah, maybe it's not ideal but it's a LOT better than what could happen without!