5 Mar 2009

Nice while it lasted

Looks like we are heading back to physio again. We've just got back from the Neurodevelopmental assessment(preemie followup) and while the doc there was very pleased with Ciara, she is a bit concerned about Enya's low truncal and hip tone. Although I did mention a couple of times that Enya has only been walking about 6 weeks she didn't like Enya's posture, foot positioning and that Enya is still so wobbly. So hey ho it's off to fight with Vojta we go!

We even have an extra follow up appointment in June now just for Enya. If the physio is impossible or doesn't improve things, she will consider sending Enya to get her hips checked out by the orthopaedic specialist and perhaps shoe inserts to improve her foot positioning. Please all cross fingers and hold thumbs that it doesn't come to that. I'll be ringing Mrs W. for an appointment tomorrow (she's off sick today otherwise she would have been at the appointment with us).

B@~%$"!!!! I was so hoping we wouldn't need to do this again!

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