19 Apr 2010

Farm visit

Yesterday we took advantage of the best weather we've had all year and went to visit a show farm. Unfortunately there were not many animals to see, in fact apart from some goats protected by a huge glass window, we didn't actually see any animals. The day was however not a complete flop as they had a very good restuarant and a nice playground for the kids too.

I honestly believe kids should come with an off button, for those moments when as a parent you just can't keep up with your everready bunnies anymore...

The girls had a great day, especially considering the fact they didn't have a midday nap. They also slept fantastically last night after their go go go day, for which I am very grateful!
Trampolining was a big hit with Enya she just couldn't get enough. We couldn't get Ciara to even put her hands on the trampoline, even we were right there with our hands next to hers! It's okay though, by the same token Ciara loves swinging and Enya...loathes it with a passion

Ciara preferred climbing on the logs, I don't call my girls monkeys for no reason.

And Enya enjoyed using the straw bales as an obstacle course...

With so much hard "work" being performed, everyone deserves a drinks break...

All in all a fantastic spring day!

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iamza said...

Oh, the expression on Ciara's face as she's sitting on that log is priceless. Very, "We are NOT amused!"

And of course Enya likes trampolining -- it's like flying (without wings). :-D