15 Apr 2010

Daddy work

When Z comes into the kitchen in the mornings to put on his shoes, both girls start yelling daddy work daddy work.

This morning however we had a variation on this theme... Enya started yelling daddy airport. Do you think we may have been overdoing the airport visits just recently and it's not over yet. Z is off to the US again in a couple of weeks and my little sister is coming the week after for a quick visit. We will once again being doing the airport runs, now if only I can find a good spot to watch the planes taking off and landing, for some reason the Frankfurt and Cologne Airports don't seem to have viewing terraces (we do actually enjoy going to the airport!) . The girls are fascinated by all vehicles and I'd love to see (and photograph) their faces while they watch planes taking off and landing.

PS While Z is in the states I will for the first time have the girls all to myself for more than a long weekend, I really hope we all survive!

PPS I have already got my orders in what I want from the US, 2 more pairs of the super comfortable Levi jeans I bought last year when I was in Houston. They cost 3 times as much here in Europe!

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