17 Dec 2008

Enya took 2 steps....

And she did it twice!!!

She took two steps from the couch to me, admittedly falling into my arms but she is trying to walk. I then put her back holding onto the couch and she did it again. As our physio would say she is reaching beyond her capability to follow through but she is determined.

Ciara is slowly getting more confident but the operative word here is slowly. She no longer falls in to my arms, but can keep her balance for a couple of steps, although she still doesn't trust herself enough to try more.

On completely tack, can anyone tell me how much a stick of butter weighs in the US? I bought Ben and Jerry's ice cream and dessert book and several of the recipes call for a stick of butter (1/2 cup). I tried to weigh how much a half a cup of butter weighed but when I made the brownies the batter was very dry so I think I miscalculated!!

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