18 Dec 2008


Ciara is now setting off without having arms to aim for, she is also able to hold her balance for the 3-4 steps she manages. Z nearly burst into tears when she (finally) showed him what she can do this evening. She walked away from him to the wall (3 steps) and then turned around and walked another 4 steps along the wall without holding on.

Enya is definitely holding her balance for a couple of seconds in free standing and is walking short distances holding with only one hand.

We were at the doctors today for yet more vaccinations (and have another due in February, sigh) and he was asking how we were doing on the milestones. When I mentioned that Enya had taken 2 steps yesterday, he immediately started typing in the computer that she is walking, I corrected him but he said 2 free steps counts as walking. By that logic then we are still within normal limits of the walking milestone- I nearly started crying. Each milestone met is such a relief.

Of course the doc then had to mention we have to start watching for the verbal milestones now, both Ciara and Enya say "Enya" but not in context, Enya can also say "heiss" (hot) but also out of context. As previously mentioned they both call "mama" as a cry for attention but that is the sum total of what we could consider words, and none of them in context. At least Enya has started waving at us in the last few days, she also started clapping before Ciara way back when.

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