4 Dec 2008

Wet and white

Yesterday we went for our first visit to a swimming pool with the girls. It had been snowing all day and we wanted to get out the house ( I'm getting cabin fever already!).

Surprisingly Ciara really enjoyed herself (I wanted to get some photos but unfortunately left the camera at home), she really enjoyed the warm water and being able to walk around the paddling pool with her swim aid holding her semi upright (a swimtrainer). Enya on the other hand freaked out! We only had one swim trainer as I wanted to try it out before buying two as it was quite expensive, instead we put water wings on Enya which she DID NOT LIKE! After taking them off she did quite enjoy the water with her daddy, especially the body surfing which they practiced together. After a tea break we tried the swim trainer on Enya, this time she didn't freak out quite as much. After 5 minutes she was also trying to walk/swim around the pool as long as we stayed close to her.

All in all the day was a big success, so much so that we are going to repeat it next week. Needless to say we had 2 exhausted babies last night, Ciara didn't even finish her meal last night and we only got woken up at 8am this morning!

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