12 Dec 2008

Swimming pictures

sorry for the delay in getting the photos posted, we landed up going on Wednesday instead of Tuesday and since then we've had a double dose of diarrhea which has only finally begun to ease this afternoon. That will teach me to let them put the wet toys in their mouths when we're in a public pool! Another twins mom that was there got around it by sticking a dummy in her twins' mouths when they went into the water. I may have to consider that next time!

We started off in the baby paddling pool at the new place but as the girls were literally paddling (it was so shallow Enya could crawl around with out getting her face wet)we only spent 20 mins there before we moved on to the kids/playing pool (as opposed to the serious swimmers/divers pool). The Swim.trainers were a huge success this time with no meltdowns when it came time to put them on and the girls were even happy for us to let go of them completely while they tried to "swim" forwards. It was great fun and will be repeated again, just not at that venue! We definitely need an adult per child though, I would not try to do this by myself.

The girls with Z

beautiful shot of Enya, unfortunately Ciara was to busy chewing on her vest for us to get a good shot....
so instead here is a shot of her eating mom's muffin!


iamza said...

OMG, look at Enya's smile in the pool! So adorable!

And Ciara looks distinctly unimpressed considering she's just had a muffin. :-)

Nix said...

She's still chewing that is why she's not smiling