2 Dec 2008

family duvet day

We celebrated the start of the last of Z's 2 week blocks of paternity leave by having a duvet day. Everybody stayed in their pj's, we slept when the girls went down for their naps and generally had a really lazy day. Of course this means today will be busy, what with cooking, cleaning and ironing but I enjoyed yesterday.

No real exciting news otherwise, Ciara continues to try a couple of steps when we can convince her to trust herself. Enya hasn't tried to balance unassisted again but is now cruising everywhere, swopping between pieces of furniture and generally improving her confidence. We had them in their snowsuits again on the weekend as we did a brief round through our local christmas market and it was bitterly cold and yes, a few flakes of snow fell too. We've had more snow this winter already than we had the whole of last winter!

Feeding fighting continues but Enya is putting on weight so I'm fairly relaxed about that right now. I've even turned her car seat around as she is too long for it to be rear facing and I felt sorry for her, it is so boring to always be looking at the seat, she used to cry whenever we went anywhere in the car.

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iamza said...

Mmm, duvet days. I should do more of those.

Glad you enjoyed your day off.