5 Dec 2008


I know there isn't such a word but there should be! Even the physio has remarked that the girls have lost their baby look and now look like little children (usually when we are out we get asked if they are little boys). So in the spirit of things I've started getting rid of the little baby stuff. I'm still hoping that Z caves in on another sprog so I'm not selling anything yet but it's all getting packed away.

In the kitchen we now only have 6 bottles and umpteen sippy cups lying around where previously we had over 13 bottles, with their associated tops and nipples, bowls and spoons drying on tea towels. The sterilizer has also been packed away and we are now down to only 2 boxes of formula on the kitchen tops where previously we had 3. Yes, Ciara is now drinking normal milk and we need to just finish the one box of formula before we change Enya to her AR formula mixed with whole milk too. I've packed half the bibs away too as now that we only give them 2 bottles a day, we really don't go through many at all. Unfortunately our usage of the bib with sleeves has increased with the recent vomit fest we had. But with 14 of those bibs, I have enough ;0)

We've also moved Enya into the front facing car seat so no more baby carry car seats for us. The baby seats used to always clutter up our entrance hall which now seems so much more open with out them. We've even got rid of one of our prams that we borrowed from our next door neighbour. From feeling a bit cluttered with all the baby stuff, our flat now feels bigger and more ours again. Unfortunately toys remain strewn all over and I think that's not going to change for at least the next 10 years though!

Talking about car seats, I had a first yesterday on the way to physio. Enya puked up in the car. Neither girl has ever been sick in the car before so this was very surprising but on discussing this with Z later we came to the conclusion she had been too hot. I had put her in her snowsuit in the car and the journey had been extra long due to traffic jams and the horrible weather conditions. She got overheated and puked all over her snowsuit, car seat and even hit a towel lying in the foot well. Thankfully she didn't hit the car upholstery so once we got the car seat etc. out, the car didn't stink. Physio was fun with her being so odorous though. Good news in physio was that we should finish up by the end of the year. Mrs W was very pleased with how Enya has progressed in the last 2 weeks (of which one week we didn't do any therapy at all due to illness), her feet positioning is much better and there is just the last remnants of the blasted abdominal control to achieve before we are discharged.

Gotta go, a little monkey has just crawled past me and from the odour that followed her, a nappy change is urgently required ;0)

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