23 Nov 2009

long promised photos

So photos of the girls new room as promised with the new carpet and curtains, finally all completed. Z chose the carpet while I was still in Houston after Ciara climbed/fell out of bed and I think it is perfect. The girls love it and keep lying down on the carpet to snuggle into it, although the pile is not very long it is very soft.
play corner it looks like they have way too many toys!!

Enya's bed- this was originally Ciara's side but Ciara kept playing with the roller blinds (the strap is behind the curtains) when they were supposed to be sleeping so got bumped to the other side.

Ciara's bed nothing to play with here except for the curtains and those get tied into a knot to keep sticky paws off them!

As an extra surprise I thought I'd include another example of my daughters art work. A local bakery chain had an open day in their main factory to raise money for charity so we went along. One of the activities was to decorate these sweetdough St Martins Day figures- this was the result (with a little bit of parental assistance-mostly to keep them from eating all the smarties)

I know truly hideous, but I'm still proud of them!

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iamza said...

Gosh, I love all the butterflies on the wall. And that carpet is gorgeous!

I see what you mean about not so much little babies anymore, but little girls. :-D