14 Oct 2010

I don't know.....

....perfectly articulated, is now Enya's standard answer to everything.

"Enya, where is your lunch box" " I don't know"
"What do you want to drink" "I don't know"
"Enya, can you fetch me two pull ups" "I don't know"

Ciara has only used it once this week, at Kindergarten:
"Ciara, where are your glasses" "I don't know".
Three days later the glasses still haven't turned up, we think she tripped while running outside and they disappeared under the masses of fallen leaves. Everybody is keeping an eye out for them but I fear that we will land up replacing them (and then Murphy's law states they will reappear!). The only question is do we replace them now or wait until next month when we have an opthomology appointment anyway, so the eyes can be remeasured for new glasses.

As fate would have it Enya stood on her glasses the same evening and flattened the nose pieces so both my girls are spectacle free this week!

PS S@%T! Ciara's just come through asking for a "cough cough" bucket and a temp of over 38 C, wanna bet she's caught the first tummy bug of her kindergarten career?

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