8 Oct 2008

Busy little bees

Weren't we busy little bees?

On another note, I've just cancelled physio and the doctors appointment for today as both girls are running a temperature (38 C). The doctors appointment was for a couple of vaccinations but they are not urgent, we have a new appointment in a couple of weeks. The girls have not reacted too dramatically to any vaccination to date and we want to keep it that way so we'll wait.

I'm dropping another bottle from our schedule as Enya is fighting hard during bottle feeds. We're hoping to increase the amounts of the 2 remaining bottle feeds to make up some of the difference and we'll try yogurts to make up the rest. I'm also offering her a sippy cup with water during the day which she is drinking from. Today at midday they had bran muffins with homemade jam, which were a little dry so both girls drank really well with lunch. Operation Christmas Dinner is progressing!!

1 comment:

iamza said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of wood! How sad is it that my second thought is, "Spider heaven!" :-)

Hope both girls feel better soon!