11 Oct 2008

Double Darth Vader

Okay I take back what I said about the preemie jackets not selling, all four of them are gone! If you just make them enough of a bargain somebody will buy!! About half my stuff is gone and the rest I will put away in the hopes that I manage to convince a certain husband that a third child would be nice;o).

C and E have taken to doing Darth Vader impressions, don't ask me how this started but they think this is great fun. Last night while chatting to my sister on the phone Enya started and before long Ciara was breathing hoarsely back. Usually by the end of the conversation we are all three taking turns at it while the others laugh.

As I mentioned before Enya delights in pushing objects around the house, up to now it's been our bar stools or folded up mattress, but now she has a lion toy to push around. J, my very good friend, gave us this toy from her daughter and the girls seem to love it. Ciara can walk really well pushing the lion except she doesn't steer too well. Enya keeps falling to her knees as it runs away with her but she doesn't give up, she gets up and tries again. Now if only Ciara wouldn't keep bouncing her and stealing the lion away, Enya might soon be walking better.

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