21 Aug 2009

Stinky hot

The last couple of days have been absolute stinkers, the hottest days of the year. I celebrated by taking the girls up to the local open air pool BY MYSELF! Up to now I've always gone accompanied by other adults so we had at least one adult per child, preferably more!
the very crowded pool

It all worked out surprisingly well except we have two flirts in nappies. Ciara in particular is renowned for the fact that she will seek out the good looking young men and flutter her eyelashes and beg to be picked up, but now Enya is getting on the act. I must have rescued 3 or 4 young men yesterday from the terrible two, thank goodness most young guys are pretty good natured about it. Ciara is quite capable of just plonking herself down in their laps if I'm not quick enough or am distracted by Enya.

Ciara on her way to the next victim

Now what you can't see is the young man lying on the ground to her right, the sad face is because I'm telling Enya to leave him alone

The pool itself is gorgeous, set in the middle of forest and is a "natural" outdoor pool which means no chemicals. Instead it has a stream flowing into and out of it to maintain the water quality. If only the whole way there wasn't uphill and along a gravel path, I'd spend my summer there-now that I know I can do it alone!
The path to the pool

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