5 Aug 2009

Computer glitch

My computer has gone bottoms up so I'm not able to update much right now. All is wellish here, the girls continue to communicate with their few words. They are into (and onto) everything and somehow inexhaustable still.

We are down to one nap/day and they are not seeming to miss the second nap this week (last week was a completely different story), mommy on the otherhand is buckling a bit!! I've taken them out every morning only bringing them home at lunchtime, this has alleviated some of the whinging, I think they were just bored of always being home. Unfortunately the 4pm whinge is still in operation, I'm usually busy preparing dinner and they don't like the fact that I'm not paying them attention.

Ooops gotta go, will post again soon

1 comment:

iamza said...

Aw, nuts! Hope the computer woes are mended soon.