30 Jul 2009


We got homework from play therapy again today: this week we have to practice sitting still when we sing nursery rhymes. Right now their favourite song is "wheels on the bus", with both Ciara and Enya occasionally making the hand movements to match (finger to mouth by ssh ssh ssh, rubbing eye by wah wah wah etc.) Unfortunately all the songs that get sung at play therapy are a) german and b)unknown to me, so we can't practice them at home which means the girls have no interest in them at play therapy.

Enya has made progress in some of the other skills we've been working on which means we get to ramp up the difficulty again. Yippee for Enya, unfortunately I couldn't find the little sticks she needs to start putting into a bottle, despite visiting 2 branches of the store where the therapist said they were available. So we might have to try with toothpicks instead, although then obviously very closely supervised!

I'm debating buying C and E some musical instruments for their birthday as they both love music and when the therapist brings out the drum, two small sets of eyes light up. I know they are still very young but why not encourage the interst if it is there (I may to reconsider my take on music class as well maybe!)

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Cathy said...

Sounds like they're doing great! Getting old, too, huh? Geez, I just looked at your counter!

I'm glad things seem to be going so well for you guys.