17 Jul 2009

AWOL again

Sorry we were visiting friends up North last weekend and then had a friend, Julie, come to stay this week. We're really proud of Julie as she has just completed her first Ironman triathlon!!

We also had our first play therapy appointment yesterday, it was just questions about what Enya does, doesn't do, likes and doesn't like. It will however be a weekly appointment for the next little while. I had to laugh though, as during the appointment Enya was offered a bell in a tin which she proceeded to take out, but then immediately wanted to put the lid back on the tin. Variations on this theme happened several times during the appointment and it culminated with the therapist asking me if I always get the girls to help me tidy up (mostly yes). Enya also amply displayed her most recent tricks, one good, one not so good. She is now pointing with her index finger at objects (sometimes even objects we've named for her), she has also started banging her head on walls, furniture or floors if she doesn't get her own way. This is purely attention seeking (she watches us and stops if we leave the room or turn our backs on her) and the therapist fully agreed with our chosen response saying if we react it will be positive feedback for a negative action, if you know what I mean! Ciara has also done this a few times but Enya does it constantly. We're at 6 weeks and counting for a speech therapy appointment, although I'd rather not start until after next weeks physio check up is out the way anyway.

Just to round things off it looks like both girls are coming down with something, they've been off their food for the last few days and this morning Enya was wretching before she even got breakfast. She only drank 30ml of watered down milk (I know they shouldn't get milk if they are nauseous but my girls refuse all other liquids particulaly when they are ill) and ate 5 spoons of cereal. Cosidering that her mornng bottle is her main source of liquid for the day, today is not going to be pretty!

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