2 Jul 2009

Continuing along the lines of my post from yesterday, another thing that has gotten more interesting (read challenging) now that the girls are older is shopping.

Admittedly I never did the weekly shop with the girls in tow (and still don't if I can possibly avoid it) but every now and then I have to go and pick up things that was forgotten during the normal grocery run. When the girls were babies I'd have one in a sling, one in the carseat in the trolley and all was good.

Now days I have one in the trolley seat, one sitting in the trolley and spend half my time rescuing the fruit from being trod on or the packets from being chewed or the milk from bring chucked down onto the floor. Thankfully Enya is very good about not trying to climb out the trolley and it is deep enough it is unlikely she will fall out accidently but it still makes even a quick shop more stressful than it used to be. (before anyone asks, no we don't have any twin/sibling trolleys in any of our local stores)

Clothes shopping (eg before our holiday) is a big NO NO! They hate it and are incredibly whingy from the moment we walk into the shop. They also try and pull everything off the hangers, which considering most shops walkways are barely wide enough for a twins buggy, are always in reach. Nope, clothes shopping is at this time not possible without at least 2 adults present.

Every cloud has a silver lining though so at least it's keeping me out the shops and spending money. Now if only internet shops didn't exist ;0).

More eating faces for family!

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iamza said...

Hahaha, just wait till the girls are teenagers, and you can't get them to stay away from the clothes shops!

Enya looks very pensive/deep in thought in that second to last photo. Like she can't quite make up her mind if the taste/texture is *just* right. :-D