3 Jul 2009

times they are a changing

Taking the chair for a walk

It's becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that I no longer have babies, that my little treasures are turning into proper little girls before my very eyes.

Since coming back from our holidays, we've had another spate of things changing to adapt to our "big girls". First of all dummies are a thing of the past now, for both girls. We decided this change was urgent while still on holiday as both girls were wandering around the whole day with a dummy in their mouths. Usually at home they only got a dummy in bed but on holiday they were so whingy we gave in and let them have a dummy outside of their cots. I'm happy to report this has been an incredibly painless change, if they do wake up in the night we just go in and tickle their backs for a few minutes and they drift off to sleep again- we haven't had to do this more than 2-3 times though as they usually settle by themselves after one or two crys.

The next change is we've removed the front bars from their highchairs. They were both climbing up the chairs and trying to climb into them over the bars and this was very scary to watch as they balance on one foot on a narrow area while lifting the other over *shudder*. They are both also so quick that I'd turn round for a blink of the eye and when I turned back, there they would be teetering on the highchair! With the bar gone they can still climb up but they don't have to do the balancing act to get in. We are also using the harnesses so they stay in the chair for the meal (thanks once again mom, for the harnesses!!) although my feeling is we won't need them for long. I have to laugh though when I start preparing the meal and both girls come into the kitchen and climb into their chairs, Ciara even trys to put on her bib while Enya has a couple of times tried to put on her harness!
Self feeding in the chair

I must say that the harness is very well accepted by both girls, we have no fighting when we put the harnesses on, rather the opposite, they love to get their harnesses put on as they know they are either going to be fed or we're going out.

The last change we have instituted is that we are starting to think about toilet training them. I know they are not yet really ready for this, but we want to get them used to sitting on the toilet/potty so they aren't scared of it. We're starting off by just putting them onto the training seat when we change their nappies and clapping and feting them when they sit on it for a couple of minutes. So far it's going very well, Enya was very suspicious at first but now sits quite happily, Ciara is not quite so sure but will stay for a couple of minutes before trying to climb down. I have the big girl underwear in the cupboard but think I will leave that for a couple of weeks still.
Loo time

Where have my little babies gone!!

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