29 Jul 2009

New developments

It seems like the girls are going through another developmental spurt. Ciara has learnt to open doors which means yet again we've lost safe places. It uesd to be that anything we didn't want them to get hold of, we would put into our bedroom and close the door. Well that no longer works, witness me desperately searching for the till slip from our recently bought and now deceased coffee machine which Z had left on his bedside table. She also delights in slamming doors which means I have to invest in some door stoppers before we lose any fingers. Thank goodness when my parents were visiting, my dad fixed a child proof latch on our bathroom cupboard so I don't have to worry about the monsters getting into the detergents and cleaning supplies.

Talking about doors, we've had a couple of incidence where Ciara has locked us out. On the weekend she shut the terrace door while we were sitting with friends out on the patio. That is not bad but then she lifted the handle, locking the door. We didn't think she could do it so had no keys outside with us and no other way into the house. Thank goodness our friends 3 year old daughter was in the house too and she opened the door for us but it could have ended very badly (Enya was also in the house).

Then on Monday I was having a cleaning blitz of the kitchen and bedrooms, I'd hauled all our kitchen chairs into the entrance hall to wash the kitchen floor and was just starting our bedroom floor (directly opposite the kitchen across the hall), I'd shut the door to keep the monsters from sliding on the wet floor, when I heard something. I went to the door to see what the terrible two were up to and found I couldn't open the door. Ciara has slid a kitchen chair so the backrest was under the handle and I couldn't push it down. You can imagine my panic as I realised I didn't even have a phone with me to ring for help. Thankfully we live on the ground floor and our windows open such that I could get out it. I hopped out our bedroom window and ran to our landlady to see if I could get a house key, unfortunately she was out, as was her daughter who lives upstairs. As I ran back I glanced in the window by our front door to see Ciara disappearing into our bedroom. She'd obviously couldn't hear me and had gotten curious, she'd moved the chair again and opened the door. The end result is Z and I have decided we need a spare key somewhere outside so when this happens again (and it will, I don't doubt it!) we have another way in.

Still writing about Ciara (what can I say, she's had an eventful week so far), it finally happened last night. I went in to their room like I always do just before I go to bed to tuck them in again and stroke their sweet little heads. This time however Ciara was standing bolt upright by her cot side (she sometimes does this as when the bedroom door opens it wakes her up), I picked her up to lie her back down and noticed her babygro was open all the way down the front. When I started doing it up I realisied it was wet and her nappy was hanging at half mast, so of course I had to check her bed which was of course soaking wet. I knew it had to happen, I'm just glad we found out then and not in the morning. So we are now going to try 2 piece pj's as so far she hasn't started pulling her trousers down but press studs and zips she can undo!

Enya has put her first 2 word sentence together in the meantime. "Hallo mommy" while playing on the couch. I don't know if it was just fluke and then because I responded so positively with "hallo Enya" it got repeated over and over, or what, but we played that little game for 5 minutes or so before she got bored. I have to thank our toy phones for teaching the girls to say hello and bye bye. They both love to hold the phone to their ears and say hello or bye bye, just the rest of the conversation is still a bit lacking (although Enya does sometimes babble into the phone). Ciara even does bye bye with a wave and she is definitely using it appropriately, waving and bye bying strangers; birds; even her poo when we flush it away down the toilet (the poo, not the strangers, go down the loo ;0).

I'm now starting to relax about the whole speech thing, I think something has gone click in the last 2 weeks and they are slowly getting it!

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iamza said...

Hee! Sounds like you need a key on a necklace round your neck. Or stable doors so you can leave the top open for those 'emergency' moments. :-)