6 Jul 2009

Family weekend

This past weekend was a real family weekend. I can't say that we did anything special but it was nonetheless a wonderful weekend. We barbequed on Saturday night, slept in late (well 8 am is late for us recently) on Sunday and then pancakes for brunch. The weather has been hot and sticky so we took most of our meals outside on the terrace, I love this.

Enya can now climb the ladder to the slide alone I just need to help her sit down on the slide. She can also climb up the front of the slide all the way to the top although I stand next to her for safety (Z and I decided they were both going to do it anyway so better that they learn to do it safely than we spend all our time stopping them and later they do it anyway and hurt themselves). Ciara only gets about halfway up the front of the slide and then collapses onto her tummy and slides down, she also can't manage the ladder as with the big cloth nappies on she is not flexible enough to get her foot up onto the next rung. But that's OK, she'd rather swing anyway!
( I was going to add some photos but blogger won't let me add photos today, I really hope this feature comes back, unlike my spell check which still is non functional!!)

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