9 Jul 2009


We have a stripper!

For the second time this morning I walked in to find a naked Ciara standing in bed. Thankfully althouh she removed her nappy she didn't pee in her bed but I'm sure that will come ;0). I'm going to have to find some zip up PJ's as she hasn't quite mastered full length zips yet.

In other news we have no hot water- our upstairs neighbours were messing around with their heaters and seem to have taken out the heating system (combined heating and hot water supply). I hope this gets fixed quickly as I'm getting tired of always having builders and repairmen here (our kitchen still isn't finished 6 weeks later!!)

PS Start play therapy next week but we're still waiting for our Speech therapy appointment. At the rate this is going we won't need it by the time we get to the top of the list.
PPS Enya can now say hello, Ciara is satisfied with a simple hi.

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