7 Jul 2009

another perfect day

Play with me mommy

A typical photo of Ciara at present, she loves the camera. She has gone around for the last few days with Z's ID card from the Bio trade fair around her neck. I think she thinks it is a necklace, she loves bracelets and handbags too- she is going to be very expensive in years to come!

On the seesaw with our landlady's granddaughter

Above are some of the photos I promised you yesterday (I need to get Z to do some photoshop editing on the others before I can post them).

Yesterday was a really great day, the girls are back to taking two 2 hour naps a day, so they are not as grumpy as they were last week. I also took them on a long walk to get out the house as I'm convinced half the trouble is they were bored. We walked to some local shops- about a half hour walk, longer as part of the walk is on a quiet track between fields where I let them out the pram so they could run around a bit. They were little angels and stayed on the path and even helped me push the pram.

When we got to the store I discovered they now stock Ben and Jerrys ice cream! I love B&J and one of the first things I did after arriving in Germany 6 years ago was check out the stores for it, no luck then but it is now available. I managed to resist the temptation to buy a tub as it was a really hot day and it was a long way home but I will be heading back to the shops soon to stock up the freezer;0).

I landed up busing home as my comfy shoes gave me blisters. Again this was a pleasant surprise as I had no trouble getting onto the bus with my twin buggy and there was even a space for prams or wheelchairs left open. I didn't even have to pay for the girls, aparently they only start paying from 6 years of age. I can see some adventures on the bus coming up.

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iamza said...

Gosh, those last two shots really show the difference in the size of the two girls. I mean, I knew Enya was more petite, but that really, really shows it!

Looks like you're all enjoying summer, which is good. The girls look so lovely and tanned -- I am quite jealous!!