23 Jul 2009

Happy birthday to me

I've had a surprisingly wonderful day today considering I really wasn't looking forward to this day (the big 3-5).

Z surprised me by letting me sleep in, we were really lucky as the girls slept in too (well 7:30 is sleeping in in our household). Of course when I realised how late it was I started rushing around like a mad thing. He let me continue flapping until after the girls were finished breakfast, when he told me he'd taken the day off to spend with us.

The girls had a 3 hour nap after breakfast while I just relaxed and enjoyed a quiet morning (Z did all the cleaning up, isn't he a honey!!). Then we all went out for lunch, where for the first time ever the girls just ate normal table foods, including meats, off our plates (usually meat is spat straight back at us as it's too much work to chew). After a relaxed leisurely lunch we went to a local toy store to find the girls their birthday present before driving home to enjoy a toasted cheese dinner and putting two exhausted toddlers to bed and now I'm just relaxing for the evening (woohoo, we're down to one extra long nap a day, finally!!).

Writing it down, it doesn't sound so special but it was a real family orientated day with no time pressures and exactly what we haven't been enjoying recently. It was the perfect day and therefore the perfect birthday.

PS. Mom I love my links and bracelet~ I'm going to have to watch out though as Ciara has already tried on the bracelet. She made a beeline straight for it when I opened my present this morning. Thank you very much.

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Trish said...

Happy Birthday!