24 Jul 2009


I did something really stupid yesterday. I had a look at the Baby Centre site at what 20 month olds are supposed to be up to. THe part that shocked me was that they said 20 month old toddlers should be putting 2 word sentences together.. uummmm, okay then.

I'm really delighted because our girls are finally saying some words, although they still often require prompting to speak and not just gesture. I still say that Enya is slightly ahead of Ciara verbally but Ciara is catching up fast.

Enya: mommy, daddy, up (to be picked up), bitte (wants something or to give us something), bye bye, ball (pronounced the german way), empty, all done, hello, tick tock, mine, Anna (Enya?), auto (car in german), eins (one in german)

Ciara: Mommy, daddy, up, bitte, ball, bye bye, all done, hiya, mine, tick tock, Anna, auto
only really with prompting

Wow listing it made me realise they actually can say quite a few words, I know Enya also understands a lot of words, for instance she can point to her ears, hair, mouth, nose, feet, fingers and belly button when asked. She can make several animal noises too, although she doesn't point to any animals when we show her a picture of them (except the butterfly). That is more our fault as we don't often look at books with the girls as they get bored very quickly or start to fight to get our undivided attention just for them.

Ciara doesn't point to anything except her nose when asked, and apart from hissing doesn't make any animal noises. My gut feeling is she has not yet made the full connection between verbalising and communicating and when she does there will be no holding her back!

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Cathy said...

They sound like they're doing good!

I ignore places like Baby Center. Babies do things in their own time, as we all know too well!

And happy birthday!