13 Sep 2010

Kettler Hof visit

Last weekend we took advantage of some (long overdue) late summer sunshine and visited an adventure play park of a different sort. It was huge park divided into various play areas with loads of slides, swings and jungle gyms- so much more suitable for 3 year olds than a huge theme park. I was amazed by how fearless and agile both Ciara and Enya were- climbing rope ladders and going down 3 storey high slides provoked only laughter and cries of "again again".

The Bollerwagen fully loaded

Daddy's girls

The above photo was taken in this "castle"

Riding the race car Enya loved this car

Woohoo WATER!!

Enya's naptime she wilts at around 1pm and will literally crawl into any possible nest to catch some zzz's

Woodland playground

Ponies Kiddies thought these were great, may have to try riding lessons at some stage in the future

More water you noticing a theme here?

Aaaaah, the end of a successful day! Although what is not evident in this photo is the 20 minute melt down Ciara had when we tried to get her in her car seat. Ciara does not do overtired very well!!


iamza said...

Too cute!

SassyMama said...

Wow! That looks like lots of fun. I wish they had a park like that near me!