9 Sep 2010

sleep update

Got lots of pictures that I want to post but no time to download and sort through them all.

I can't believe how few hours there are in the day now that I'm back at work and sleep is at a premium now that Ciara has discovered 5:30 am. Every morning without fail she crys at this time and then we have to get her out their bedroom as quick as possible before she wakes Enya.We have tried all sorts to get her to sleep longer but now that they are in their "big girl" beds, we have no way of keeping her in bed to "rest" in the morning. (we had to change the beds as they were both climbing out their cots anyway)

Ciara has also done away with the midday nap (she flat out refuses to rest) which means we have the 4-6pm meltdown again, where she is just so tired she doesn't know what to do with herself. Thankfully they are getting a hot midday meal at Kindergarten as she is often so tired in the evening that she won't sit down and eat properly (if we try and force it she has a tantrum) so we've taken to getting her to bed ASAP when the warning signs appear. We've tried pushing the bedtime later but the 5:30am start remains constant, so instead we've opted to putting her to bed a little earlier so she still gets a decent amount of sleep overnight (11 hours)

Enya continues to need loads of sleep and still has her 2 hour midday nap (she comes and tells us she is tired). My feeling is, if the girls didn't share a room, Enya would sleep until well past 7 every morning.

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