2 Sep 2009

Not so wordy Wedensday

I can't believe it is Wedensday already, this week is flying by!

For some reason I just can't motivate myself to blog although I've had lots to write about. On the weekend we had local elections and surprisingly even as a non german citizen I was allowed to vote for the local council, I'm obviously not allowed to in the national elections next month! Z and I decided to walk to the poll station with the kids and then continue on the 2 km to the nearest ice cream parlor for "lunch". It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed the walk especially the park we found on the way back home.
pushing the pram

finally independent on the park equipment

the monkey looks like she'll be mountain mad like her dad

She now goes down the slide by herself but she'll only go on her tummy

Our little carjacker

Ciara dressing up again- the positioning may need a bit more work but she knows where it goes!

Last but not least the results of that deadly silence when you just know they are up to no good!

1 comment:

iamza said...

Regarding the last picture: your daughters are just making sure you know what's in all those drawers, and this way, the clothes are all at hand (or, well, foot)!

(Also, I love the, "Does this hat make my head look fat?" expression on Enya's face in that last picture. So cute!)