2 Sep 2009

What a night

Ciara decided at 11 pm last night that sleeping was for dumbos and proceeded to keep us all awake until 2am. I was partly to blame as I snuck in to tuck the girls in before I went to bed, as I always do, and must have woken her up. (aside: this is one of my favourite moments in the day, when they are both snuggled down fast asleep and I can sneak in, stroke their baby fine hair and soft skin and tuck them back up under their duvets).

I laid her back down tickled her cheek and gave her babee and the cow to cuddle and she seemed to settle down but after I left the room she proceeded to call intermittently until just after midnigt she started a full out hysterical crying fit. We went in twice to settle her down but as soon as we'd leave the room she'd start up again. In the end I went in and fetched her and cuddled with her on the rocker in the lounge while Z calmed Enya down and we landed up giving Ciara a dummy (GRRR! I thought we were done with the blasted things) to keep her quiet. Needless to say they have both crashed straight after breakfast this morning and I'm probably going to crash too when they have their midday nap later!

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