29 Jun 2010

No dummy again?

Long time visitors will know we had Ciara dummy (pacifier) free for about 6 months last year before she started up with it again (Z gave her one trying to comfort her while she was sick). Since then we've had phases where she wouldn't go to bed with out at least 3 dummies in bed with her, one for her mouth and one for each hand.

Unfortunately she took up chewing on them and refusing to give them up after she got out of bed, so they gradually all went walkabout or got holes chewed in them. We had one last dummy which I saw yesterday also had a hole in the latex, I mentioned this to Ciara and she then went to the bin and threw it away herself. I repeatedly told her that when she throws it away, it's gone and that we have no other dummies but she still wanted it in the bin. She only asked for it once last night but was satisified when I said we had none and reminded her that she'd thrown it away earlier. Today just before naptime she went and got it out the bin but allowed me to chuck back in the bin when I showed her the hole, she has also gone down to sleep with no fuss.

I think we may finally be dummy free (and we will definitely remain as I'm not buying anymore dummies). Now we just got to convince Enya that milk from a cup tastes just as good as milk from a bottle, so I can get rid of the last bottle and then we are free of all baby equipment!

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ugogo said...

Go girls .... growing up so quickly!