17 Jun 2010

NRW Garden Show

WARNING lots of photos

During my break from blogging Z and I took the girls to our state's garden show and had a brilliant day out. Not so much for the gardens and flowers but rather as the show had fantastic entertainment options for kids.

First of all they had the woodland playground- all the equipment was made of wood and one off constructions, it was set under huge trees so had the feel of a woodland grove (as we went on a hot summer day, it was wonderfully cool in the shade).

You can't see it in this photo but under the metal frame in the backgound is a sand pit with buckets and hoists, access to the sand pit is via tunnels

Next we went to have lunch and right next to the eating area they had a water garden, for some reason I didn't get a lot of photos here but we probably spent a couple of hours here. The girls were fascinated by the water way and I don't think climbed out of it while we were there. There were however lots of other fun equipment in this park: pumps; hoses and fountains, perfect for getting absolutely soaked!

After stripping the girls (thank goodness I had extra clothes because of potty training with), we then moved onto the actual garden area. It was beautiful but only covered a small area. By this time the girls were exhausted and they were shrieking up a storm to the delight of the other visitors!

We finally got the girls to sleep by me pushing them around and around the cool flower hall for about half an hour- it wasn't that big to begin with.

While the girls were sleeping we had to keep on the move so we walked over to the other side og the showground to the rock sea gorge, with it's wooden walkways in to the gorge itself, which was lovely. The girls woke up in the midst of the gorge and enjoyed the fresh greenery with us.

By that time it was getting late so we headed back to catch our bus back to our car (our girls love bus journeys, they cry everytime when we have to get off!).
We made a slight detour to crack the labyrinth before we left though

Needless to say after so much fresh air and movement it didn't take long for the girls to fall asleep on the long drive home. We woke them up to gobble a yoghurt down when we got home but then they were out for the rest of the night. Ahh, I love summer days!

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iamza said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit! Ciara looks cute, all curled up in the pram like that. Is the curling necessary to stop her toes from getting caught? :-)