25 Aug 2010

SOB! Goodbye afternoon nap

Ciara has now given up her afternoon nap. At kindergarten she just flat out refuses to lie down and encourages the other nappers (read Enya) to riot with her. At home I can still get her to nap but it often takes about an hour of taking her back to bed repeatedly before she finally falls asleep. She will usually sleep then for about 2 hours but as it takes so long to get her to sleep we run into trouble at night getting her to go down. If we let her go without her nap she is very whingy and dog tired in the late afternoon (as in a few times I've had to stop her falling asleep on the floor in her bedroom at half past five in the afternoon as she is so tired) but at least we're not fighting to get her to sleep at night.

Enya still needs the afternoon nap and we have arranged with the Kindergarten that she will still get it on the girls' long days. Today I was delayed at work and by the time I got there to pick them up, Enya was already napping so I left the girls there and had an unexpected free afternoon. She also sleeps in later than Ciara in the mornings so we are now encouraging Ciara to come and play in the lounge while the rest of us sleep in until half past six (about an hour unsupervised play) so far so good!

Amazing what a difference the child free time makes. I find I'm treasuring the time I have with the girls and trying to fill it with fun stuff to do with them rather than having to do household chores around them. I'm also loving the adult interactions at work, after 3 years everything child orientated it's nice to be able to chat with Z about something different.

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