17 Aug 2010

We've been very busy the last 2 weeks.

Ciara and Enya are officially now Kindergarten kids and are LOVIN' it! They are there over lunch everyday and will be there twice a week for their midday nap as well. So far everything is going great, they have a fantastic set of carers who are amazing, patient and the girls love them already. We were really worried about the naps as the room is quite light and C and E are used to sleeping in pitch darkness but until today the girls have had reasonable naps with no fusses. Ciara today decided to boycott her midday nap and we paid for it this evening :0(.

At the same time I've gone back to work parttime, so far I'm really enjoying the interaction with other adults again and love being able to practice my profession again. I have noticed though my german is not as good as it was 3 years ago! We'll see how long it takes for the shine to rub off working again ;0).

The girls celebrated their 3rd birthday on Sunday, my mom and sister were here to celebrate with us and great fun was had by all, even though it rained ALL DAY and we had a house full of guests when we originally had planned to BBQ and celebrate outside. We had to make alternate arrangements but it all worked out in the end. I have only downloaded some of our pictures so I will be posting more later!

The theme this year was Clown/Circus

The homemade birthday cake

Birthday dolls and prams

Z with his 2nd set of twins he's looking a bit bleary eyed as this was late on Saturday night while we were assembling the girls birthday presents

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iamza said...

That cake looks AMAZING! Good job, you!

Sounds like Sunday was a success, which is lovely to hear. I bet the girls are wishing it was their birthday again today, though. :-)