6 Aug 2010

Whew, another bullet dodged

So 9 months later we have finally had our orthopaedic consult just to rule out anything squiffy with Enya's hips. She has incredibily hypermobile (too flexible) hip joints, in part no doubt due to her favorite sleeping position (best description is she looks like a frog with her splayed knees up near her armpits). He was amazed at how normal Enya is, given her long list of diagnoses/problems after birth (balm to this mothers ears). Anyway the upshot of the appointment is she still has a slightly insecure gait pattern but the physical exam was normal and X-rays only showed something that will need to be checked at a later date to see if it resolves (there is no therapy for it as it stands now) in the meantime we are to encourage her to be as active as possible- swimming, gym, and lots of load bearing activities like jumping. We go back for another check up in 2 years time!

I di however while I was already there ask about her feet, as her 2nd toe on the left foot tends to cross over the back of her third toe. His statement is it was purely cosmetic but we could try a shoe insert so that all the toes line up next to each other to remedy the situation. I don't know that I agree that it is purely a cosmetic problem as her toe catches when we put socks on Enya and it has a slight callus on the top of the proximal toe joint as well, which shows it rubs on shoes as well.

Other news, the days of the cots are nearing an end. As I've mentioned in the past the girls have been able to climb into their cots for ages but didn't trust themselves to climb out in the dark (we keep their room pitch black during naps and overnight for this reason), well that all changed this week!! Z eventually had to resort to turning the safety switch for their bedroom light off as they were climbing out of bed and switching the light on to play as soon as he left the room everytime last night. Thank goodness I was out gallivanting in town so I missed the fireworks- apparently they finally went to sleep 2 hours later than usual ! This morning, for the first time ever, Ciara came to our bedroom unaided to wake us up (at 6:15am!), she climbed out of bed in the dark and came to join us in our bed. I've left the gap in the bars on their crib open tonight as I'd rather they crawled out the hole than over the top if they're going to get out anyway. I think we'll be converting their beds this weekend!

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