24 Sep 2008

Car seat update

We tried the new car seat and I love it!! It doesn't even take a minute to get Ciara strapped in and she really enjoyed being able to see more than in her old infant seat. The new car seat lifts her up enough that she can see out the window and for once she didn't complain everytime we slowed down or stopped. At this age distraction is the name of the game!

If anyone is interested, we bought the Romer King TS plus in red.

*Sigh* my little babies are growing up so fast

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Cathy said...

Sorry I haven't commented in forever - I've been reading though!

BOO for not being done with physio soon. I can imagine you're ready to be done!

We just switched Andrew's carseat too - it's still rear-facing (until 22 lbs and 1 year, or longer, so says the law), but he LOVES it too. It's nice to see them growing up a little, but sad, too!