3 Sep 2008


Today we went to the Krabbelgruppe (play group)again, we haven't managed for the past 3-4 weeks as something else always coincided with it. There were a few more kids there this time but they were all older (walking) and unfortunately my kids screamed everytime another child approached them. I really need to get them socialising!

On the plus side the room where the playgroup is held is carpeted, this meant that Enya crawled properly as it was too strenuous for her to pull herself everywhere on her belly. I don't miss carpets usually but this is one time when at least some carpeting in our home would be good. Well to make Enya crawl and to offer Ciara some padding when she falls over while trying to stand;-)

Another first today: Ciara has learnt to stand up in her cot. I saw her manage it for the first time this morning and when I walked in after her midday nap this afternoon she was already vertical and laughing at my surprise. We can only drop the mattress about 4 cm lower but hopefully it will stop her trying to climb out of bed any time soon!

Eye doctor tomorrow morning early and then no more doctors appointments scheduled this month. I'm still waiting for our physio to give Enya an appointment for this week- I hate not having a set time and day for what is in essence a weekly appointment.

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La La said...

Glad to hear the little ones are doing well.

I can still remember my days of climbing out of the crib. lol Hope she stays put for awhile longer!