9 Sep 2008


Not got a lot of free time right now as after the visit to Muenster over the weekend, we had (german) family over for an overnight stay on Monday night and then I went back to work today for the first time in a year and a half. I'm only going in for 3 days this week and maybe a day or two next week but I really enjoyed m first day back. They are so short of staff that they are desperate and while Z is home, I can help out. I get to practice my skills and earn a little something and Z gets some time with the girls without me looking over his shoulder and nagging him about everything.

Start work at 7:30 tomorrow so it should be fun to get the girls finished before I leave at 6:45 (who cares about the girls it should be fun getting me out of bed before 7am- I haven't done this except to feed the girls in over a year and a half!)

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iamza said...

Hope your work day went well! How did you enjoy the early morning start? :-)