7 Sep 2011

Monster Party

Having celebrated C and E's actual birthday in England with my folks [photo and post still to come....maybe;0)], we had the german celebrations last weekend. The weather was surprisingly fantastic considering that this summer has been one of the wettest on record. After a horrible last week we had over 25 C with sunshine on Saturday, we even had to borrow umbrellas to shade the terrace so we wouldn't get grilled during lunch.

As you already know I often refer to the girls as monsters (my pet name for them- not meant as an insult) so I thought it fitting to give them a monster party- they were delighted!

We were once again up until 3am the night before (morning of) the party but I think the cake, biscuits and party treats were worth the effort. I'll admit I chickened out of inviting loads of kindergarten friends to the party, we had 9 kids there as it was! However next year I'm going to have to host a kiddys only party and I'm shaking in my boots already (any offers of assistance will be gratefully accepted- mom, Ren and Jax ;0))

birthday cake

The 5 candle and cookies is because one of the boys invited had his birthday actually on the Saturday (he is celebrating later as all his friends are still away for the summer holidays)

Sugar cookies my latest hobby

The kids are still to impatient for proper party games so instead we did a bit of gingerbread decorating, which was fun for young and old alike! The best part was when they got tired of decorating, they just started eating the deco instead!


Other party fun was trampolining (the girls got an early birthday present at the start of summer of a huge trampoline) and harvesting our landlords plums and blackberrys for them. The kids had a great time climbing trees and filling buckets-isn't great when chores are regarded as fun!

We finally got to bed about 2am that night but it was a great day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Planning has already begun for next yeat!!!


SassyMama said...

Wow! What a great party.
I guess I will have to step it up for next year:)

Happy Birthday!

ugogo said...

Amazing cake and cookes - looks like the kids were having fun too!