26 Sep 2011

my green house with the clock on

For the last few months everytime we drive past a house with scaffolding up outside (be it a new built house or an old one getting renovated)it gets claimed by one of the girls. It's gotten to the stage where they've started sharing the houses.

"This kapputen house is mine Ciara, but you can have the next one."

Before this recent development we often had floods of tears when driving, if all the building sites tended to be on one side of the car and were therefore all claimed by one girl.

The other intriguing part of this stage, apart from why it started (I don't know), is that claiming the house is always followed by the statement
"my daddy will fix it",

if Z is in the car he is always asked to confirm this
"won't you daddy?" (good daddy that he is, he always answers yes!)

Now don't get me wrong Z is good with his hands but building from scratch or ground up renovations? Not very likely!!

My girls (according to them at least) are proud possesors of at least 40 properties in Germany and England (come to think of it in Belguim as well- although that was a new office tower beside the motorway- good luck fixing that one Honey!!). Not least the green Town Hall with a clock on in Fishguard, Wales, which although we only saw it 3 or 4 times and have been back for more than a month, regularly pops up in Enya's conversation.

PS For those who link to the picture don't be surprised that it's not green. I think the scaffolding was up because they've just painted it!!

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