14 Sep 2011

Quiet books completed

So remember in April/May when I posted that I was trying to make quiet books for the girls..... well they are finally finished!!

They went with us to England and were great for keeping the girls entertained in restuarants and for short periods at my folks. The problem we had with them however was that Enya can't read/play with hers in the car as she gets car sick (poor kid gets it from me!). This of course meant that Ciara was not allowed to play with hers in the car either or tantrums ensue.

Without futher ado the pictures

The quilted front covers- my first attempts at free hand quilting
Enya spirals, Ciara hearts

Daisys we´re still practicing buttoning!

Shoes We haven't really started on these skills so not yet in use

Owls and Pigtails these pages are a huge favorite, clicking the leaves back onto the tree, tucking the owl back into his hole and playing with the girls hair

Clasps Ciara has conquored these 2 pages, Enya is still working on them

Cars Another huge favorite, probably the pages they play with the most for which I'm very grateful as these pages were very time consuming to make and personalise. My favorite pages too!

Letters Again not yet in use although they both recognise the first letters of their names as well those of my baby sisters and Z's.

If Z and I can just agree on the rules We'll start teaching them the rules for these games next: Noughts and Crosses (played with buttons instead) and Nine Mans Morris

A couple of friends have hinted they would like a quiet book for their kids for christmas, Given how long it's taken me and the fact I'm in the middle of knitting Ciara a jersey it certainly won't be happening this christmas!

PS had the 4 year old well child visit yesterday, need to go back in 6 weeks to get Enya's hearing tested again- they think she may have hearing problems, I think she just didn't want to co operate. She is great on non co operation!!

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