6 Jun 2009

Countdown to our holiday

Can you believe in less than 6 days we are going on holiday. Needless to say today was spent getting all the things we needed (not so much for the girls but for Z and I) so it can be washed before we leave. I refuse to go clothes shopping alone with the girls as they have no patience, so I land up just grabbing stuff to try on at home and then land up returning it the next week.

I'm still a bit concerned with how C and E are going to manage the meals there but if all else fails I'm sure they have yoghurt and fruit in Turkey too! Happily dropping down to one bottle has been a great success with both girls now finishing a 300ml bottle each in the morning and eating more at the other mealtimes too. They are also wanting lots more water at other times during the day. Now I just have to really gather my courage and drop the last bottle too (not before our holiday though!!).

C and E have learnt a few new tricks in the past week, Ciara has been shaking her head for over a year but now Enya is doing it too. Unfortunately they are not doing it to indicate no, rather just for the sensation and the reaction they get. They also both nod their head, usually just after they've shaken it so again not with any meaning. The funniest trick though is Enya "head bangs" everytime she is sitting and some music comes on, it makes driving in the car with the radio on very entertaining(not least for the people in cars next to us who suddenly see a child and the driver too suddenly start head banging). Ciara on the other hand has mastered climbing into her high chair alone, she usually trys to sit down facing backwards but she manages to climb up and in all by herself.

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