5 Jun 2009

lose one, gain one

...is a fair summary of our visit to the preemie follow up clinic yesterday.

The Doc was very impressed with the progress Enya has made and agrees with the plans we have in situ for monitoring appointments with the physio. She also agreed to Enya continuing the play therapy (although we are on the waiting list and will now probably only get seen towards the end of the year). Her comment here was that Enya needs it not because she is delayed but more because she is so distractable and all over the place. She has difficulty settling down and concentrating on one toy or task.

While we were already there, I thought I would raise the point of Enya's eating, as she is still pocketing her food and it can take her ages- minutes- to swallow a mouthful of food (not so much purees, they go down as easy as water, which is why they are still on the menu). The doc has referred us back to the speech therapist (ST) for a review at how Enya is eating. I may just use the time before we get our appointment (another waiting list, last time it took us nearly 2 months before Enya was seen)to go to a ST away from the Kinderklinik, as the therapist we had there was less than useless.

Thankfully the doc saw no need for the girls to have any hearing tests or ST for their speech even though they are still very limited in what they actually say.

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