2 Jun 2009

Goodbye Neurologist

Ciara has been discharged (finally) from neurology. We had been going back for 6 monthly control EEG's and developmental checks at our local paediatric neurology practice, following both girls being put onto phenoba.rbitol in the weeks after they were born. They were only on it for 6 weeks thank goodness and we have had no signs of any seizures since they came off it, but as they were so preemie and had suspected seizures initially the neurologists wanted to follow them up closely.

The doc still wants to see Enya in December as she still sees "deficits" although she was very surprised to hear Enya was still recieving physio. I'm just really hoping we don't need to do another EEG as the girls are getting harder and harder to contain for the 8 minutes recording time- Ciara had hands like an octopus trying to get at all the wires on her head, Enya was calmer but still not easy.

I'm trying to decide if I should tempt fate and mention how long we've been vomit free (excluding the tummy bug vomits which don't count!) but I think I'll keep quiet, let sleeping dogs lie and all that!! Enya is losing all interest in her bottles (I know I should stop giving them but until last week they were not drinking enough from a sippy during the day for me to feel comfortable doing that, they also only drink water from their sippys). I think I'll try dropping the evening bottle first as Enya shows the least interest in that one, although we may have trouble convincing Ciara of this plan, she will quite happily drink 300ml from her bottle in one sitting.

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