9 Jun 2009


Before I got married packing was something that was done at the last minute and if anything was forgotten, well that is what a credit card is for, isn't it! THEN I met Z!!

Now I have a 3 page list with blocks to check when things are packed, I started packing nearly a week before we fly and I'm taking everything except the kitchen sink with us (it was too heavy!). The airline is not helping us as they gave the girls a 20kg luggage allowance each, even though they don't have a seat (yup 3 hour flight with 2 squirmy toddlers on our laps). That means folks, we are allowed to pack EIGHTY KILOS for our holiday. The scary thing is I think we are going to come close to our limit!! Little people sure need a lot of stuff. Before anyone suggests it, no we are not taking all our nappies with us, we'll buy when we're in Turkey.

Remember my last update on new tricks, well here are the latest from Ciara:
Conquering the high chair

Who needs shoulder straps in the car seat

And because it's my blog and I can,
Ciara and Enya in their high chairs

me and my girls

they really didn't want a picture with their mother!!


iamza said...

Enya always looks so grumpy! :-)

Good luck for the packing. It sounds very...organized. I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday.

Jodi said...

Wow. . .they have gotten so big! Love the pictures!