5 Nov 2008

Doing fine

Well we all survived yesterday in one piece although I'm taking a break from feeding Enya her bottle and meals when Z is home for the next few days. After the rant yesterday she did eat 200g!! of yoghurt at teatime so maybe I should flip out more often.

I ended up relieving my frustration by doing a major cook up, double batches of lentils and cauliflower cheese for the girls. I actually desperately need to stock up the freezer so I will be continuing the cook up this evening.

I have also made my own christmas mince for pies this year. One of the things I miss most about England is the traditional holiday treats, be it christmas pies, pudding or hot cross buns at Easter. We are going to be staying at home this festive season therefore to get the true holiday feeling I have to make my own, wish me luck!! I have now accepted Operation christmas dinner will probably only happen with Ciara but so what, Enya will still be at the table with the rest of us. Even if she can't eat everything she should be able to try some of the food and we can enjoy being a family and that, in the end, is what counts.

Lunch is fast approaching so let me go prepare for the next battle, wish me luck!

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