14 Nov 2008

resuming normal programming

Warning: if you have a problem with bodily products especially poo don't read any further!!

I'm slowly (too slowly) learning that quiet=bad with almost toddlers in the house. This morning after changing Enya's dirty nappy (this child is like clockwork), I put the nappy in the bowl on the floor so I could do her physio with her. We don't have another raised surface near our changing table where I could put it and I need the entire changing table for physio. You can see where this story is going, I'm sure. Anyway after physio I was just getting ready to put Enya's nappy on when I realised Ciara was astonishingly quiet and looked down to my feet to see her sitting happily playing with her sisters faeces. She'd taken it all out the nappy and was sitting, hands covered in poo, smearing it all over the floor. What to do first? Enya down on the floor sans nappy, clean up the floor all the while trying to keep Ciara's hands away from everything, most especially her mouth! Run through to the bathroom with Ciara, strip her, wash her hands and then fetch Enya to put a nappy on her. I nearly threw up, dirty nappies do not bother me at all, but Ciara playing with poo made me sick!

Needless to say things are going to be rearranged so we can put the nappy bowl on a raised surface on the rare occasions when we change nappies in the girls room!! We usually change them in the bathroom so we're close to running water.

To finish off ...the danger of female drivers as demonstrated by Ciara Ryanne and Enya Niamh

Enya hit her head on the drawer handle. Sorry for the shoddy photos, Z's computer is being upgraded so I can't download photos from a proper camera.

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iamza said...

Hahahaha, I love the photos! Enya looks like she was loving the ride, right up until the end. Do she and Ciara push each other around a lot?